I am, first and foremost, a musician, music lover, and coffee enthusiast. I am motivated by great songs; songs that move me, songs that move one to take action. I dream with my eyes open. I obsess over detail and movement.

Born and raised in the Midwest, I adopted a strong work ethic early on. I decided I wanted to play guitar, then moved to piano, then drums. Attempting to master every instrument along the way, my interest soon drifted to music production. I opened a studio in my hometown, and quickly became a major player in the music community.

After producing records in Indiana for over 10 years, I moved my family to Nashville to narrow my focus to mixing. I accepted an internship with Scott and Ed Cash. Under them I learned the importance of great songs and great arrangements. These are absolutely necessary  for great mixes.

I love hearing new music and new artists. I understand the struggle, I understand the dedication and sacrifice of a working musician. I am here to help, to encourage, to partner, as others have done for me.