Allan Froese |

Ben Ford | Sun Come Up

Joe Kirk | Loving and Losing You

The Lockwoods | It Is Finished

Ryan Mcadoo | The Gathering

Samual Hebert | Snow Globe


Brave Holiday | Wilderness

Línea Roja | Tu Amor Permaneció

Mike Lee | Big White Horse

Mike Lee | Dig In

EJ Thomas | Good Dreams Never Die

His Little Feet | All Things Possible

Van Andrew | When You’re Dancing

EJ Thomas | Back Up

Geraçã0 12 – Há Poder

Josh Bales | Come Away From Rush And Hurry

G12 Worship | Abba Father

EJ Thomas | Trust In You

G12 Worship | All Things New

Generación 12 Kids | La Creación

Oferle | Cool With That

Mikey Wax | Big Little Life

Lou And Mathew | Can’t Help Myself

Generación 12 | Todo Los Haces Nuevo

Generación 12, ft. Miel San Marcos | Tu Nombre Santo Es

Sidewalk Prophets | Come To The Table Live Acoustic

Francis Cabildo | Surrender

Alexis Gulley | Unbroken

G12 Worship | Revival


Mike Lee | New Year

G12 Kids | Christmas Ep

Generación 12 | Como En El Cielo

Mike and Allie Murphy

Bel Thomson | Seasons

Erica Cadwell | We Cry

Mike Lee | Worth It

The Lockwoods | Honey For The Heart

Pasquale Talarico | All Things New

Ty Rumble | God Is

Freedom Worship | Songs From Galatians

Mellissa Newcome | My Beloved

G12 Worship | Your Love Is Chasing Me (feat: The Case For Christ)

G12 Worship | Blood Of Jesus

G12 Worship | Abba Father

St Andrews Church | Kingdom Come

Oferle | Ghost Of You

Robertson | Self Titled EP


Andrew Marcus | Constant

His Little Feet | International Children’s Choir

Ben Rector | Men That Drive (Live at Blackberry Farm)

Ben Cantelon | Here And Now (New Song Cafe)

Ben Cantelon | Not By Might (New Song Cafe)

Ben Cantelon | The Mountain (New Song Cafe)

Ben Cantelon | Mightier (New Song Cafe)

Chris Tomlin | God Of Calvary (New Song Cafe)

Chris Tomlin | Home (New Song Cafe)

Chris Tomlin | Kyrie (New Song Cafe)

Chris Tomlin | He Lives (New Song Cafe)

Oferle | Nights Like This

Generacion 12 | Seamos Luz

Wakeville | Only One

Tanner Qualls | A Home To Run To

Monique Terez | Your Love

Alob | Mercy

Specs | Just Dreamers

G12 Brazil | Encontro Glorioso


G12 Kids | Pequenos Heros

Landon Bailey | EP – Mix

CA Church | Christmas EP – Mix

Danny Hallis | Rogue

Soulfire Revolution | Silent Night

Leanna Crawford | Look Up And See

Ben Ford | Breather

Jonah Werner | Run

Wakeville | Something Good

Veridia | Acoustic Sessions

Soulfire Revolution | Afterglow

Ben Zornes | All Things To Me

Mike Lee | All I Need